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Pattaya hotel and Thailand accommodation hotels guide

Pattaya is 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, and faces the Gulf of Thailand. Pattaya is Asia's premier beach resort, and caters with equal appeal to Pattaya's relaxing tropical ambience is synonymous with every ingredient for memorable holidays.

Theme and amusement parks, offbeat museums and lush botanical gardens offer numerous forms of leisure activities and cultural entertainment for all family members. And after dark, Pattaya offers all the allure and magic of a truly vibrant nightlife with a spectacular variety of restaurants, night clubs, bars, discotheques, cocktail lounges and carbarets. Pattaya can be brash, bold, beautiful and bucolic, and offers everything an authentic international beach resort can.

Today, Pattaya is one of Thailand’s premier beach resorts and annually attracts thousands of pleasure-seeking tourists from all over the world. Despite the wide range of excellent facilities for tourists with legitimate interests, Pattaya in particular has, like Thailand in general, an image problem, caused by the so-called sex industry.

Reports in the international media have long overemphasized the sex-related negative sides of the city and these reports, fueled by the local media haven’t helped the situation. Prostitution is practiced and perverts coming to Pattaya has made sensational international coverage, enticing people to come with the sole purpose of bedding pre-teenagers of either sex.

True, there has been a problem, but things are improving here as well as other known ‘sex trade’ areas in Thailand. It is regularly raided by both the Thai and international police. The future for Pattaya is looking bright being encouraged and although the industry still exists, and already there are major changes to the area. Wholesome, family entertainment is on.

Not that Pattaya lacks in attractions. It has good beaches, though the actual Pattaya beach is not the cleanest anymore, others are pristine and the water crystal clear. Beach related activities are extensive and you are sure to find something to suit you.

Pattaya is located within easy reach from the Bangkok as well as Don Muang International Airport. It has an excellent accommodation infrastructure, which are of international standard and restaurants and entertainment for all tastes. Because of its good accessibility from Bangkok, Pattaya remains one of Thailand’s most important and popular dive centers.

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