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Guangzhou has a few beautiful and legendary nicknames, huacheng (the Flower City), Yangcheng (the Goat City) and Suicheng (the Rice-ear City).

Guangzhou is a civilized ancient city. It is 2,100 years old, the same age as the world-renowned ancient cultural city Rome of Italy. A modern city in China, Guangzhou is the political, economic, educational, cultural as well as scientific and technological center in South China. It is also a tourist city. Being a big city, Guangzhou totals 7547 square kilometres with a population of some 6.56 million. Under its administration are four county-level cities of Huadu, Conghua, Zengcheng and Panyu and eight districts: Yuexiu, Dongshan, Haizhu, Litchi, Tianhe, Fangcun and Whampu. It is a well-known hometown of the overseas Chinese. About 500,000 countrymen from here are residing in some 90 countries and regions abroad. Below you will find a comprehensive listing of Guangzhou Hotels by Locations.

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