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Trat and Koh Chang Transportation and transfer guide

Flights There are no flights to Trat at all, so the best bet is to make your way here by bus or by renting a vehicle elsewhere and drive here yourself.

Bus Both air and non-air conditioned buses leave from the eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) in Bangkok. Non air-conditioned buses leave many times daily, starting from 07.00-23.00 hrs. Air-conditioned buses leave every one and a half hours, starting from 07.00-23.00 hrs.

From Bangkok the buses to Trat cost around 200 Baht depending on whether it is air-conditioned or not. The trip takes five to six hours one way by air-con bus or about eight hours by ordinary bus. From Chanthaburi to Trat, the ordinary buses take about 30 minutes. If one goes by taxi from Chanthaburi to Trat, it takes around 45 minutes

Car or motorbike The only other way to get to Trat is by hiring a vehicle yourself and driving there.

Around Trat itself The best bet is to hail either a songtaew (taxi/truck/bus) or a samlor (motorbike/sidecar/taxi) for a minimal cost of around 10 Baht per person within the city limits for the samlor and 5 Baht per person for the songtaew or 20 to 40 Baht for the vehicle.

Local bus routes

- Trat-Laem Ngob is 17 Km Long. Buses will leave the munipal food market since 06.00. It cost about 15 baht for a person.
- Trat-Laem Sok is 28 Km long. Buses depart from the municipal food market since 06.00 the fare is 25 baht.
- Trat-Klong Yai route is 75 Km in length. Buses will leave the food market since 06.00 and the fare is 25 baht.
- Trat-Borai is 53 km long since 06.00 buses depart from the food market. The trip costs 35 baht Taxis running between Chanta buri and Trat will leave the fountain circle in Chanta buri and the municipal food market in Trat from 06.00 to 17.00. Each trip will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The trip (5-6 persons per a taxi) costs 50 baht each.

NOTE: The above time-tables and costs are a guide only as they are subject to change at any given time.

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