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Samui Attractions - Top Sightseeing and things to see


There are several free natural attractions located on or near the main ring road. These are included in most guided tour itineraries. You are likely to stop at most or all of them if you take one of the Island Tours offered by several companies. Or you may prefer to map out your own route, and follow it on rented scooters or in a jeep.

Public Attractions

It's easy to let the sun and sea lull you into the feeling that you never want to budge from the beach. But Samui is an island of great natural beauty and variety. Even those who don't get excited about sightseeing will find that the journeys to these popular attractions will provide their own delights.

Chaweng Beach


Populated, especially in high season, the beaches at Chaweng are the island's liveliest. Good for bathing and snorkeling at one of the coral reefs. Watersports are available at several locations, including jetskiing, parasailing and waterskiing. Strolling beach vendors sell food and souvenirs. During the months of January through April, the sea can get rough on some days, and the waves high.

Bo Phut Beach


Between Chaweng and Maenam, this quiet stretch of beach is just steps away the quaint shophouses of this historical fishing village. Popular with those staying at the many nearby bungalow resorts. Boats leave for the northern islands from the nearby piers.

Choeng Mon Beach


Located on the quiet north shore between Chaweng and Mae Nam, the nearest shopping districts are those in Chaweng and Mae Nam. The nearby village of Bophut is a 10 minutes drive. There you will find a number of quaint and charming restaurants and cafes. Nightlife is subdued. Few public taxis.

Lamai Beach


On the east coast, home to some of the island's longest and widest stretches of sand, you're never far from a beachside bar or restaurant, or activity if that is what you seek. Sea bathing spots are walking distance from Lamai center.

Maenam Beach


On the north coast. Combines wide and sandy stretches with a peaceful ambience. Especially popular with families and young couples, and those seeking tranquility.

Hin Ta Hin Yai


Viewing these astonishing creations, even scientific purists would be tempted to believe that nature too, can be as whimsical as the most eccentric artist. Also known as "Grandfather and Grandmother rocks"; entirely formed by the elements, two extraordinarily accurate male and female genitalia-shaped rock formations share a perch overlooking the sea.

Budda's Footprint


As there is no sign posted, finding this attraction will be part of the adventure. Take Rt. 4170 and 2 km west of the turnoff for the Butterfly Garden, go up the concrete slope on the left. Housed in a hilltop shrine, four footprints have been engraved one atop another. There are 163 steps to climb in all, but the view up there of the surrounding treetops and valleys will be worth it.

Private Attractions

Monkey Theatre


Located in Bophut, this crude zoo with a performing animal arena features shows several times a day. Small monkeys are trained to perform various tricks on stage, and then they climb the trees to demonstrate how they harvest coconuts; a feat for which the area's monkeys are uniquely skilled.

Samui Snake Farm


Southern Thailand is home to a great many species of snakes, many of them venomous. The mountains of Samui have their share. The bite of a full grown king cobra for example can bring death within one half hour. But don't worry! They are extremely reclusive, and chances are tiny that you will come in contact with one anyplace but at this attractions' two shows a day, where they are handled by capable and "death defying" trainers. Located in the southwest on the 4170 ring road.

Butterfly Garden


Built into a hillside covered with netting, vividly colored tropical butterflies can be seen along the serpentine footpath. In the southeast corner opposite the Central Samui Village resort.

Samui Aquarium


Just around the corner from the Butterfly Garden at Laem Set beach, this newly-opened attraction features live specimens of local marine life in a darkened tunnel filled with tanks. Also on display are some Bengal tiger cubs and leopards.

Buffalo Fighting


A pair of male water buffaloes are pitted against one another in what amounts to a fairly harmless head wrestling contest. This widely loved spectacle still takes place at selected venues around the island, where banners are displayed days in advance.

Like sumo, the elaborate and theatrical preparations are an important part of the show, after which the animals are set loose to glower and paw the ground. Finally they lock horns and the crowd goes wild. The show at the edge of the ring is just as entertaining as the one within. The first beast to turn and run away is the loser, and so are some punters in the crowd.

Thai boxing


Thai boxing is another form of cultural entertainment and a visit to this country wouldn’t be complete without watching this national sport. It is widely considered to be the world’s most dangerous sport. The speed and dexterity of the contestants is an art in its own right. Matches are held daily, Monday to Friday at the Samui stadium.

Wat Phra Yai and Big Buddha


This temple is the home of Koh Samui's most famous landmark the Big Buddha. Most Visitors come to marvel at the sheer size and beauty of this remarkable statue at some point during their holiday. Visible from several km away and even from the air when arriving on or leaving the island, the 12 m tall golden image stands proud.

At the base of the structure, several shops and restaurants cater to the needs of devotees and tourists alike. Wat Phra Yai is in the Northeast of Samui on route 4171 near the airport.


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