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Phang Nga and Khaolak Attractions - Top things to see

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The Old Sala Klang
The Old Sala KlangSala Klang means Provincial Hall. This sprawling single storey building in the antique style known locally as panya is about 3.5 kms. outside Phang-Nga Town on Petch Kasem Rd.

Wat Suwan Khuha
Wat Suwan Khuha is in Mu 2 (mu=village) of Tambon Krasom in Takua Thung District. Starting from Phang-nga Town, go for 7 kms. down the Phang-nga--Khok Kloy road (Route 4). At Km. 31 an asphalt road turns off to the right, and the temple is about 1 km. down the road.

Local people call Wat Suwan Khuha simply Wat Tham, which means cave temple. It is in a limestone mountain, or karst, riddled with cavesin various sizes. The individual caves in the temple itself are Tham Yai or Big Cave Tham jaeng or Bright Cave Tham Meud or Dark Cave and Tham Kaew or Crystal Cave. The big cave is the lowest and serves as the entrance. It is much bigger than the other caves: 20 meters wide, and 40 meters long. The cave's length is decorated in variously sized tiles of Lai Kram and Benjarong, which are typically Thai art forms. Inside Tham Yai, which is used as a vihara, or shrine, are stucco figures of the Buddha. The highlight of the place is a 15 meter long Reclining Buddha of great beauty.

Wat Naraya Nika Rahm
A temple 14 kms. distant from Kapong District Office. 3 statues are there of legendary characters: Phra Narai, Phra Lak, and Nang Sida. These statues show the spread of Hindu culture during the shadowy period of history before the Empire of Sukhothai and also indicate the origins and antiquity of Takua pa, called in ancient times Takola (c. 1300 A.D.).

Phang-Nga Town

Khao Chang
or Elephant Mountain: This is Phang-Nga's landmark. From Phang-Nga Town go towards Khok Kloy, passing the Provincial Hall. On your right you will see Kao Chang, a large hill in the form of a kneeling elephant.

Phung Chang Cave
Behind the Provincial Hall, within the grounds of Wat Pra Paht Pra Jim Temple, lies Phung Chang, or Elephant Belly Cave. Inside are stalagmites and staslactites, and water that runs year round.

Reusi Sawan and Luk Seua Cave
are in Somdej Pra Sri Nakarin Park on Petch Kasem Rd. diagonally opposite the Provincial Courthouse. You can walk from one cave through to the other as they are connecting caves; Reusi Sawan (Ascetic's Heaven) is the cave in front. Outside sits a figure of the monk Phra Reusi or the hermit.. Inside are stalagmites and stalactites, and meandering streams that trickle through the caves.

Kao Ngum Cavem
is across from the entrance to Phung Chang cave. Stalagmites and stalactites; in one area are seashells in great number adhering to the mountain.

Sa Nang Manora Park
The waterfall and stream of Sa Nang Manora lie in Tambon Nop Pring, outside of Phang-Nga Town. Follow the Phang-Nga Krabi road (Route 4) about 3 kms. Turn right at the intersection next to the Electric Station. The falls are 3 kms. down this road.

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