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Thailand has a tropical climate with three seasons: Hot (March-May), Rainy (June-October) and Cool (November-February). It is hot all year round, there is little difference between the hottest and coolest months, and average temperatures are around 27°c.

The months with the most rain are July, August and September. Pattaya’s coastal location means more breezes than say Bangkok and the rain tends to come in short and heavy bursts rather than prolonged over days, but no matter when you come, you'll have a good time. Lightweight casual clothing is recommended.


Fifty years ago Pattaya was a sleepy little fishing village, dwarfed by her neighbours-to the North, Naklua, to the South, Rayong. Its only claim to fame being that it had, in the 13th century, been a resting place for the battle forces of the great King Narai during his campaign to oust the Burmese invaders. From that overnight bivouac, Pattaya derives its name.

Then came the Vietnam war and incursion of more benign foreign troops. Thailand supported the Americans efforts in the area by providing bases, manned by thousands of young Americans requiring rest and recreation.
How is it possible to fix the date of an historical trend? Whilst Pattaya had achieved some popularity with a few adventurous souls who braved the rough road from Bangkok to take adventage of the crystal waters, great diving and soon following them, beach bars and restaurants,let us take the

time when, on the 29th June 1959, four or five transport trucks loaded with American G.I.'s arrived in the village of Pattaya on leave from their base at Nakhon Ratchasima. On arrival in Pattaya they rented houses belonging to Phraya Sunthorn which were along the southern end of Pattaya Beach, now know as the "Strip" The marines stayed for about a week and returned to the base. Having had a great time in Pattaya with the friendly residents, they spread the word. A new group of marines kept arriving periodically and the village geared up to cater to their every need. This can be considered as the birth of Pattaya as a tourist resort.

Pattaya continued to grow in popularity at such a rate with both Thai and foreign tourists, that the local government could not cope with the administration. Administrative and infrastructure combination with Naklua, took place in 1976 and the government promulgated the Pattaya a City Act in B.E. 2521 (1978), there by joining Naklua and Pattaya to form the fifth local government municipality. Thus was Pattaya City born, and thus, with and ever-increasing influx of visitors and residents from the burgeoning surrounding industrial estates, has she developed into what she is today.

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