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Hua Hin and Cha-am Activities and Top Things to do guide

Khao Hin Lek Fai

Hin Lek Fai Hill (Flintstone Hill) is about 1.5 km west of the city center and provides a panoramic view of the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course below and the Gulf of Thailand beyond the town. It gives you a good idea of how small Hua Hin really is.

There is a new park at the top of the hill with many flowering plants and shrubs inter-planted with the indigenous trees and bamboo groves though it will be a few years before they provide much shade. Concrete paths meander through the park leading to lookout spots with breathtaking vistas.

Though not exactly a mountain, the road to the top is a mite steep. I haven't made it all the way on my mountain bike yet and recommend motor vehicle transport for anyone but the very hardy.

On the way to the hill from town, you pass a practice field for Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing). Should you want to learn more about the sport you saw in the restaurant, here's the place to try your hand.

Muay Thai is much different from Western boxing and the fighters may use their feet, elbows, legs, and knees to strike their opponent. Many young Thai men take part in this sport and several have moved on to excel in western boxing as well and Thailand gained its first Olympic gold in this event in Atlanta in 1996.

The first Thai boxer to win a world boxing title was Pone Kingpetch (Mana Sridokbuab) from Hua Hin. Born in 1936, Pone won the world flyweight belt in 1960. There is a statue to the fighter just north of the Melia Hotel, next to a Chinese temple, at the Hua Hin rocks.

Fishing Harbour and Pier

The port is busy 24 hours each day with boats coming in to drop off their catch and load up on more ice throughout the night.

The community around the waterfront can be seen preparing fish for sale and drying small fish on the walkways in front of their houses.

There are several large restaurants near the pier where one can sample the fresh catch prepared in the special Thai way.


There is a pitch and putt course at the Regent Cha Am and a mini-golf course in Hua Hin on Petchkasem Rd south of town. Hua Hin Minigolf is open from 0900-2200 and only charges $4/day for their 31(?) hole course. There's a restaurant and beer bar on the premises if the kids wear you out before they're ready to go home. Tel: (032) 511-585.


There are no large shopping malls in Hua Hin but many, many small shops. Most of these are along the roads near the Sofitel and Melia hotels. For local handicrafts, the Hua Hin Bazaar, about 100 meters west of the beach, should be your first stop.There are hundreds of items in the shops with everything from shells and wood carvings to dried fish.

All along Naresdamri Road up to Chomsin Road there are shops and tailors and restaurants. There are several silver shops on Chomsin Rd.

There are over 100 tailor shops in Hua Hin offering very competitive prices on western suits and dresses made from a wide variety of cloths. Suits can be made in 24 hours but you'll be better off if you schedule at least a couple of fittings and be sure to compare the workmanship of a few shops before placing your order. Some of the prices are almost too competitive with many shops offering jackets, multiple pairs of pants, shirts, etc for less than $100. Select accordingly and don't be taken in by tour guides or touts.

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